Owen Consulting is a leader in the field of youth mentoring. Our team has helped numerous NYC-based and National mentoring organizations provide high quality, impactful programming to thousands of young people.  We provide technical assistance, training, and evaluation support for successful program design, launch, and sustainability, as well as specialized services for established programs. All of our work is grounded in evidence-based, elements of effective mentoring practices. 

Our practice areas include: 

  • Mentoring
  • Job Shadowing
  • After School and Summer Internships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Our services include: 

  • Partnership development (schools, businesses, organizations, etc.)
  • Program and curriculum design
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Mentor and mentee recruitment and training
  • Program kick-off / Matching events
  • Ongoing supervision for mentors and mentees
  • Special workshops on college and career planning, diversity, communication skills, team-building, etc.
  • Program and Outcome Evaluation
    • We can help your organization/company design and implement rigorous evaluations to help monitor progress and measure outcomes for your mentoring program that could include: 
      • Youth Development and Social Emotional Outcomes
      • Match retention
      • Mentoring Relationship Quality
      • Participant satisfaction
      • Academic Outcomes (School attendance, graduation rates, credit accumulation, grades, State test scores, college enrollment, etc.) 

Mentoring Clients:

  • Mentor (National Mentoring Partnership / Mentor NY)
    • Bank of America
    • Credit Suisse Asset Management
    • Royal Bank of Scotland
    • Time Warner
    • Turner Broadcasting
  • Mentoring USA
  • NYC Mentoring Program (NYCDOE)
  • Goldman Sachs & Co. (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • NYC Administration for Children Services (ACS) Central Mentoring Office
  • First Tee of Metropolitan NY
  • Brooklyn Boulders Foundation
  • Stoked

Case Study:

Goldman Sachs & Co. MCA Mentoring Program Owen Consulting designed, implemented, and evaluated the company's corporate-youth workplace mentoring program in accordance with NYCDOE requirements and evidence-based best mentoring practices for over ten years. Our team led mentor recruitment, training, and ongoing supervision of more than 40 mentoring pairs annually, strengthening the overall program and school partnership. We provided comprehensive program and outcome evaluation to monitor implementation and measure impact. The program regularly achieved high rates of match retention, participant satisfaction, and target youth development and mentoring outcomes.


"Owen Consulting was not only the right organization at the right time (the school, ISA, and Goldman Sachs were in the process of revamping the mentoring program) but they possessed an expert arsenal of tools to go along with the necessary flexibility and adaptability we required. From the beginning, Dave sought to fashion a program that fit with and around our prevailing constraints and requirements. He and his colleagues are so well grounded in youth development theory and Mentoring practice that it gave me, the administrator, permission to not be the expert on the best approaches. Owen Consulting knew how to actually build the program and how to make it work. There is no overestimating how valuable a skill that is to a busy manager.  As a direct result of Owen Consulting's involvement with the MCA Mentoring Program, it is stronger than it has ever been and, more importantly, many more young people's lives are being positively impacted than would otherwise be the case."

- Terry Bowman, Director, Goldman Sachs / MCA Mentoring Program

"Owen Consulting provides valuable assessment and training services that meets the needs of our program. In addition, the professionalism and flexibility by which the company conducts business is an appreciated strength."

- Lori Mastromauro, Program Manager, New York City Mentoring Program, New York City Department of Education

"Never having been a part of a mentoring program, I was definitely in need of assistance. Dave Owen became my life preserver. His patience and expertise allowed me to feel comfortable in getting the program started. His skills showed quickly at the trainings. He was as comfortable with the kids as he was with the adults. When it came time to match up the participants, Dave's instincts were right on target. The pairs he helped establish in October have flourished since the beginning.  Dave continues to be my most valuable resource whenever I need support. He has been an invaluable asset to our program and I'm sure will be to all others with whom he works."

- Ted Schechter, Program Coordinator, Royal Bank of Scotland/First Tee Mentoring Program

"Mentoring USA fortunately collaborated with Owen Consulting and hired their team to provide outcome evaluation and lead workshops for our mentor/mentee pairs related to our BRAVE (Bias Related Anti-Violence Education) Juliana component. Their workshops on Conflict Resolution and Diversity were not only engaging, but also informative and fun for all! We also appreciated the evaluation they conducted for the BRAVE Juliana component."

- Matilda Raffa Cuomo, Founder and Chairperson, Mentoring USA

"Owen consulting has been a tremendous help to all of the Mentors here at Credit Suisse Asset Management. As the program coordinator and a Mentor, I truly appreciate all the help provided to our group by Dave Owen & Owen Consulting. They have helped us work with the staff at the school as well as connect with the students in ways we would not have thought of. They are inventive, resourceful and possess a deep understanding and enthusiasm for mentoring.  Hats off to Owen Consulting!"

- Kenneth M. Wallace, Vice President, Information Technology, Credit Suisse Asset Management